Fahys Ore Silver

19th Century Marvin Watch Co Sprinfield 18S Fahys Ore Silver Sidewinder For Part 19th Century Marvin Watch Co Sprinfield 18S Fahys Ore Silver Sidewinder For Part


6d 14h 33m
Antq.No.1 Fahys  2 1/8 Antq.No.1 Fahys 2 1/8" Ore Silver Pocket Watch Case/ Pat.Feb.19.1884/No Mov't/


13d 18h 55m

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  • 19th Century Marvin Watch Co Sprinfield 18S Fahys Ore Silver Sidewinder For Part
  • Antq.No.1 Fahys 2 1 8 Ore Silver Pocket Watch Case Pat.Feb.19.1884 No Mov't


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