Raymond 16s Grade

Elgin 16s Elgin 16s " B W Raymond " Grade 370 RR 17 Jewel 5 Position Pocket Watch


14d 2h 19m
1953 Elgin 571 BW Raymond 16s 21 Jewel RR Grade Gold Filled Pocket Watch #NG174 1953 Elgin 571 BW Raymond 16s 21 Jewel RR Grade Gold Filled Pocket Watch #NG174


4d 16h 21m

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  • Elgin 16s B W Raymond Grade 370 RR 17 Jewel 5 Position Pocket Watch
  • 1953 Elgin 571 BW Raymond 16s 21 Jewel RR Grade Gold Filled Pocket Watch NG174


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